message with your clients

on the web or in the app

messaging is convenient and saves time

Messaging with thismo messenger is more flexible than a live chat

  Answer when it fits you

No need to stay online all day! Asynchronous messaging lets you answer when you have time.

  Keep connected to clients

Don’t loose the line. Keep the connection and get back to your customer later.

  Share your messenger address

thismo messenger is not bound to your website. Share it anywhere like a web page.

  Send push notifications

Send a message and we forward it with a push notification to your client's phone.

  Increase opening rates

Texts have a 98% open rate, and 90% are read within three minutes.

  Increase support efficiency

One agent can handle up to 10 customers at the same time.

add it to your website

add it as link, button or embedded messenger

Use thismo messenger for

Take orders and reservations

Users can ask you for any order or reservation like they can do by phone if they reach you. With thismo messenger they can send you an order message anytime.

Fast and modern recruitment

Let applicants ask about your vacancies and send their CVs. This improves your application quality and gets you a direct line to your new colleagues.

Better Customer Service

Let customers do product inquiries on the fly. Provide product info just when it’s needed and increase your sales.

Employee messaging

Let VIP customers talk to specific employees or provide messaging to whole staff.

Schedule appointments

Let clients schedule appointments easily to visit you. No need to sit on the phone all day.

Notify customer or member groups

Broadcast news to sports groups if courses need to be rescheduled and push it directly to their phones.

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  No setup time

Choose your messaging address and upload your logo – and you're good to go.

  No coding

Just put your messaging address wherever you like and get messaged instantly.

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